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With over 10 years of providing product development services, Design Alternatives has developed strong, close relationships with rapid prototyping, laser cutting, tooling, and several other industries. When your company needs these services, Design Alternatives will provide quotes or direct you to one of our vendors.


SLA models are an excellent choice for performing fit checks and for appearance models due to their accuracy and surface finish. They are able to be sanded, painted, and are also excellent casting masters. Liquid and heat resistance are the major limitations with SLA models.

SLS-Selective Laser Sintering:

SLS models are best suited for functional and test models. Accuracy and surface finish are limitations for SLS models.


CNC models are superior in accuracy and surface finish. They are great choices for fit and function as well as appearance models. CNC models can be milled from almost any material and it is even possible to control surface finishes. CNC models limitations are mainly time and expense.


RTV castings begin with a master part (usually a SLA part) to create a mold for short run parts. Material hardness choices are wide as well as part colors. RTV castings are great candidates for creating a short run quantity of appearance models.


For manufacturing or longer run parts, tooling molds from aluminum or production steel can be generated directly from 3D data. This eliminates the need for initial drawings and the potential for interpretation error.

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