Training Services

In addition to product development services with ProEngineer or SolidWorks, Design Alternatives also provides training through numerous structured classes. These classes are offered both at your location and in Gadsden, Alabama. Most class curriculum are flexible and can be modified to suit your company's products or needs. Class sizes are from 1 person to 10, and class schedules are set based on your needs, and not a set schedule.

ProE Fundamentals:

General five day course covering the parametric parent/child feature relationships of Pro/E, design intent, robust part creation and manipulation, assembly creation and assembly mode features, drawing creation and manipulation, and finally interfaces of exporting and importing various file types.

ProE Advanced Part:

Three day course covering advanced techniques in part mode including datum curves, points, advanced patterns, advanced rounds, part analysis, advanced feature creation and master model technique.

ProE Advanced Assembly:

Two day course that includes advanced assembly techniques, component movement, simplified reps and assembly analysis.

ProE Sheet Metal:

Two day course covering sheet metal features, importing solids, and family tables with flat patterns.

ProE Surfacing:

Two day class covering datum curves and points, surface creation, merging surfaces, trimming and extending surfaces, creating solid features from surfaces, and resolving failed import files.

ProE for Managers:

Two day classes for managers including an overview of menu structure, Pro/E design philosophy, part and assembly analysis, display options, information options, and exporting data.

ProE Advanced Drawing:

Two day course covering offset cross sections, broken, partial and half views, family tables, tables and repeat regions, symbols, dimensions, geometric tolerances, modifying drawing setup options, dimensional parameter notes and relating draft entities to views.

ProE Custom Courses:

Arrange course material based on your specific company needs.


This is a three-day onsite class to teach GD&T fundamentals. This class can be modified to a condensed two-day class with a half day concentrating on your products and drawings.

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